Church, Sunday School, Church and more

This morning I was up early and ready for church. I had to be at church at 0730 for choir warm ups for the 0800 service. I left after the lessons and headed home for a little bit. Then I headed back with Robert for Sunday School at 0930. After Sunday School opening was done, I headed home again and I got a little bit of stitching done before heading back for choir warm ups at 1030. Ryan was with this time and he picked Robert up from Sunday School and went to church. Robert came and sat with me in the choir area after the offering. The choir ladies always enjoy when he comes and sits with us. After church we headed to the mall for Festival of Trees. They have lots of Christmas trees all decorated in various ways and they’ll be sold and the money donated to something or other. They also have a charity tree for which you can purchase ornaments. We bought $3 worth of ornaments and put them on the tree. The tree will be given to a military family that arrives just before Christmas. Then after we walked around the mall (it takes like 10 minutes), we ate lunch at A&W. Then it was home to watch the final NASCAR race of the season – congrats to Jimmie Johnson on winning his 4th championship in a row and to the Hendrick racing team for placing 1-2-3 in the points standings! I did a couple more batches of laundry, folded yesterday’s laundry, and cleaned Robert’s bathroom. Then I sat and relaxed and stitched until it was time to call Mom & Dad. Once I was done on the phone with them, we went to Dairy Queen for dinner of ice cream. Once home, Ryan helped Robert finish up his train set (Thomas the Train) in his room now that it’s clean. Our overstuffed chair from the living room is also now in Robert’s room for his reading/cuddling chair. Our living room looks a little bare, but after Thursday our Christmas tree will be there. After Robert had played with his train for a little while, he got his teeth brushed and ready for bed. After I had read to him and tucked him in, I got caught up on the newspapers and then stitched for a little bit more. Time for bed now. . .

Today’s high: 70
Current: 53

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