Ceremony and Tucson

I didn’t get to walk Robert to school this morning, but I did get to pack his lunch and make breakfast. I left about the same time that the guys did, but I headed to post. I had to be at the ceremony site at 0815. The Brass Quintet played at another graduation ceremony this morning. It was very short and then I was done for the day. I had put in for a pass for today, but since the other BQ trombone player is also on pass, I said I’d do the gig. Then I headed home and grabbed a shower and changed. Then Ryan and I headed to Tucson. He had a VA appointment with one of his doctors and she wanted to talk to me about him. Hence the pass and why I went to Tucson with Ryan. The appointment went well and after we left the VA, we went to the cross stitch we’ve found in Tucson. They were having a sale, so we got 6 charts and a nice pair of scissors for $14!! The scissors alone were $12 scissors. I also checked about stitching models for them, but the lady I need to talk to wasn’t there again. Once we left there, we stopped at an In-N-Out Burger for a late lunch. Then it was home just in time to get Robert from Kids World. It was Taco Night at the Legion, and for $15 we all ate way too many tacos but they were really good. And then it was home to relax and play and read before Robert went to bed and then I stitched more (I did almost 3 hours in the car today). Off to bed for me now. . .

Today’s high: 69
Current: 55


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