Add another to the list of long days

This morning started off as usual – pack lunches, make breakfast, walk Robert to school, finish getting ready for work. After formation, I headed to the Admin office and SH showed me more things. Then we went up to Garrison so I could meet one of the people (a civilian) that we deal with up there, and we also had some stuff to take care of. Then when we got back to the office, we went over the NCOER rating scheme (NCOER = Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report; rating scheme is a list of who evaluates (rates) who) and found a few changes to make. NCOERs have now completely been turned over to me and over the next few weeks, more and more will be mine as my training continues. Then I ate lunch and checked my e-mail and stuff before heading over to the chapel for the graduation ceremony that the Brass Quintet played at. The ceremony was nice and short despite there being 160 graduates. Then it was back to the band hall to get ready for the mock board. The first Soldier was in there for about an hour and finally it was my Soldier’s turn. He did a lot better than last time, but still has work to do before he goes to the promotion board. We were finally done about 1700 and I headed to my office to do a final check of work e-mail and then head home. Once home, I got out of uniform and into comfy clothes, and when Ryan got home from picking Robert up from school, we headed to KFC for dinner. We like their buffet there. Then it was home to play for a bit and for Robert to read his books and then once he was in bed, I stitched for a little while and chatted with my Iraq-friend LH. That was nice as we haven’t chatted in a while.

Off to bed now. . .

Today’s high: 66
Current: 51

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering. I’m feeling a little better today.


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