PT Test and Let the Training Begin!

This morning I still felt miserable when I got up and I was debating seeing if I could get out of the PT test and go to sick call. But once I got to the band hall, I decided to give the PT test a go. I’m glad I did! I did 43 push ups for 97%, 77 sit ups for 100% (plus one extra), and ran my 2 miles in 17:09 for 91%!!!!!!!!!!!!! My total score was 288. With that, I maintain my exemption from PT until our next PT test, usually about 6 months. Our Commander’s Incentive Program is if you score 260 with at least 80 in each event, you are exempt from unit PT for 3 months and if you score 270 with at least 90 in each event, you are exempt from unit PT until the next PT test! I’m super excited about my run especially since I was hacking up my lungs during the run. I took 40 seconds off my run time since the diagnostic 3 or so weeks ago.

After a quick trip home, during which I got Robert up (0741), dressed, shoes on, granola bar in hand and out the door, walked to school and in the school yard at 0752, then got changed into uniform ate breakfast and did computer stuff, it was back to work. We had a class on Effective Army Writing to start the day off. Then it was off to my Ops office for a quick e-mail check before heading to my new office. I am now in charge of Admin and will be in an E-7 position! I started my training from SH who is leaving in January and I’m taking over for him. Today was an overview of what goes on in Admin, some computer stuff, and forms. Not too bad – and I have a really good mentor to train me in there. I ate lunch in my Ops office and stitched and played on the computer as well. After lunch was spent in Admin again for most of the afternoon. I did go back to Ops to back brief the other SH so he knows what all I was working on and stuff. And then I was done for the day and headed home. I relaxed for a while and played on my computer. Ryan went and got Robert from school on the bike and then we made dinner together. Ryan made grilled cheese and I made jalapeno poppers to go with it. After we ate, we headed to Walmart for a few things and then home to read books and get ready for bed. After Robert was in bed, I crocheted on a baby blanket for a while. Off to bed now and hopefully I can get good sleep tonight and start getting better.

Today’s high: 68
Current: 52


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