An unproductive and sick day off

I got up this morning and got Robert’s lunch packed and his breakfast made and walked him to school. Then I went back home and did computer stuff for a little bit before heading back to bed. It was about 0830 or so when I went back to bed and I slept until a little after 1100. My throat was hurting a little last night when I went to bed and it was a lot worse this morning. And I keep having to blow my nose. And it feels like my head is going to explode. Talk about this coming out of nowhere. I felt a little better after I woke up the second time, but not much. I played on my computer until it was time to get Robert from school. After I had picked him up from school, we came home and got the laundry started and then went and did grocery shopping for the week. I had to go to a place here in town as the commissary is closed on Mondays. I don’t like shopping here in town – more expensive and I have no idea where things are in the store. We only had about 10 or so things on the list, but we had to go up and down just about every aisle to find everything. And it was like a zoo in there. I think everyone in Sierra Vista decided to go grocery shopping the same time I did. We finally made it out the door in not quite an hour. Ugh. At least Robert was well-behaved, unlike lots of the other kids in the store. And I thanked him for his good behavior once we got back to the car. Ryan was home when we got home (he had been helping with inventory at the Legion) and I got the groceries put away and the guys went and got the mail. Then we just relaxed and played for a while before heading to Golden Corral for free dinner. Today was their Veterans Appreciation Day, and all veterans got free dinner. Our total came to $4.01!! And we only had to wait maybe a half hour from arriving to sitting down at a table. Then it was home again and I got another load of laundry going while Robert cleaned up his toys and stuff. Then we read his books and he got ready for bed. After he was tucked in, I stitched for a while, and now I’m heading to bed as well. I have a PT test in the morning so I sure hope I’m feeling better.

Today’s high: 64
Current: 48

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