NASCAR Sprint Cup Race

This morning we got a better breakfast as we went to Denny’s after we checked out of the hotel. It was right next door to the hotel, so we didn’t even have to move the car. After we ate, we headed off to the racetrack again. We got parked and into the track and found our seats – we were only a few rows away from where we were yesterday. There were some not-so-fun fans near us, but some of them left before the race even started so it wasn’t too bad. The race was really good with only one sort of big crash (10 cars) and #48 Jimmie Johnson led the most laps AND won the race. Robert sure was excited that his driver won! #24 Jeff Gordon finished in 9th place. After the race, we got back to the van and out of the parking lot less than 30-45 minutes after the race ended. They’re parking/unparking system sure is good!! I think Michigan International Speedway needs to take a lesson from Phoenix. When we went to the Michigan race a few years ago, it took us over an hour to even get out of the parking lot. We got back on Hwy. 10 and headed home. We stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel in Casa Grande and then continued on our way. We passed some of the race haulers on our way and we honked at each of them. We even got to pass Jimmie Johnson’s, Jeff Gordon’s, and Mark Martin’s!! We honked and waved out the windows at them. That was pretty neat getting to see them! Robert slept about the last hour and a half on the way home and barely woke up when we got home. I got him into bed and Ryan got the van unloaded and walked to get yesterday’s mail. Now I’ll be heading to bed as well so I can make sure I’m up in the morning to get Robert off to school.

Today’s high: 69 (Phoenix)
Current: 35 (Sierra Vista)