NASCAR Nationwide Race

This morning after we got up, we went to breakfast in the hotel lobby. I don’t even know if you can consider what little they did have even breakfast. We all managed to get enough to eat, but we’ve already decided that tomorrow morning we’ll be going to Denny’s to get a real breakfast. Then we headed off to the racetrack about 30 minutes away. We got there and got parked and headed toward the track. We walked around and looked at all the souvenir trailers and bought a few things. It tried to rain for about 10-15 minutes, but not really much. Then we went into the track and found our seats. I stitched for a while during final practice for the Sprint Cup race which is tomorrow. I was kind of disappointed – stitching at a NASCAR track and I didn’t hear any comments or see any funny looks. We had rented scanners, so we were able to hear what was going on – we can tune in to drivers’ teams and hear what they’re saying or tune to the TV announcers and hear them. So for the race today, we were tuned to the TV announcers. We rented 3 headsets with the scanner so we can all hear – they just get daisy-chained together. The race was good – only one crash that caused a red flag (total stoppage of the race) while they cleaned up the mess. I was happy that Carl Edwards won, but we didn’t get to see his "signature" back flip from his car as he broke his foot a few weeks ago. Getting out of the track parking lot was actually quite easy. They have a very good system down – it involves hundreds of traffic cones as well as people. We were back to the hotel probably less than an hour after the race was done. Then we walked next door to McDonald’s for dinner. And then once we were settled in our hotel room for the evening, we watched the last about 45 minutes of the Wizard of Oz and I stitched. Now I’ll be heading to bed soon as well.

Today’s high: 69
Current: 57

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