Short Day and Long Drive

Today was a typical Friday – at least for me. I got Robert’s lunch packed and breakfast made and walked him to school. Then it was home for some computer time before heading to work. After formation, which wasn’t really formation since all the Seniors were in a mock board, I headed to my Ops office where I spent the morning mostly playing on my computer. I did do a little bit of actual work, though. I was able to get the afternoon off – the band had marching band practice for the football game on Sunday, but I’m not on that gig. I headed home after stopping at the shoppette to top off the gas tank. I got laundry folded and suitcases packed and when Ryan got home from the Legion (he was helping them with inventory of stuff), he went and picked Robert up from school on the Harley and then dropped him off at home and went to the store for cat food. Once he was home again, we got the van loaded and we headed north to Phoenix. We stopped for dinner at Waffle House in Tucson – yay for my first time eating at WH since we left Georgia in April 2006!! Yummy! Then we continued on our way and got checked in and settled into our hotel in Phoenix. We made a trip to a CVS Pharmacy for a few things and then settled in for the evening. Robert played with his cars and trucks and Ryan and I played on our computers. I was too tired to stitch, but I stitched for an hour and a half and then when it got too dark, I knitted on a dishcloth using a reading light. I’m heading to bed now – 11 mile run in the morning.

Today’s high: 64 (Sierra Vista); 75 (Phoenix)
Current: 62 (Phoenix)


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