Happy Veterans Day!

If you didn’t take the time to thank a Veteran today, there’s always tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that.  In fact, any day is a good day to thank a Veteran.  But today was Veterans Day.  Our morning started rather early.  My ride was here about 7 – one of my friends from work picked me up and gave me a ride in as Ryan needed the van.  After formation at the band hall, we all got on the bus and headed to town to get ready for the Veterans Day Parade here in Sierra Vista.  We had some time and I was able to go see Ryan and Robert with the American Legion Riders for a bit.  They were only about 1/2 block from us in the staging area.  Robert was excited to wear his new Army uniform that I bought him (he outgrew his old one back at Ft. Drum).  Eventually the parade started and parade elements went by and more went by and still more went by.  Then it was finally our turn – Color Guard, the Band, and the other marching elements from post.  We were at the END of the parade.  HUH??????????  We should have been at the beginning of the parade.  We have no idea what the parade organizers were thinking – or even if they were thinking.  It is going to be looked into, though.  So we marched the parade.  From where we were staged to the actual start point was almost 1/2 mile.  Then the parade was about a mile and a half long.  And we played A LOT.  And it was about 70 out.  The park was a very welcome site and then we were told there was water for us behind our chairs!!  YAY!!  There was a short ceremony in the park and then we were done for the day.

Ryan had already been home to switch out the bike for the loaded van and was back at the park getting his Vietnam display set up for the Vietnam Veterans of America picnic.  They had asked him to do that!  I got the keys and took the van home and changed from my uniform into the Vietnamese black "pajamas" and then I headed back to the park to "be" part of Ryan’s display.  He was a little leery about me being in the VC "uniform", but it went over well, and I got compliments from lots of the Vietnam vets.  They all enjoyed Ryan’s display, and we got free food.  Ryan even won one of the door prizes.  Robert had fun playing with some of the other kids that were there.  We were there maybe 2-3 hours and boy were we tired when we got home.  While Ryan got the van unloaded and brought the borrowed tables back to the Legion, Robert worked on his chalk city in our driveway.  I helped a little bit.  It’s really cool!  Then we all came in and relaxed for a while before heading out to dinner.  We were going to go to Applebees for their free Veterans meal, but besides there being an hour and a half wait the selection for the free dinners was kind of small.  So we went to Schlotzky’s Deli instead.  Then it was home to play for a while, read books, and have bathtime.  After Robert was in bed, I crocheted for a while and finished the project I was working on.

Pictures of Ryan’s Vietnam Display

Robert’s chalk city

Today’s high:  79
Current:  61


One thought on “Happy Veterans Day!

  1. Actually, I’m not surprised you were last–it’s kind of like Santa being last at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, or the homecoming queen being last at the homecoming parade. I think the bands and the twirlers sort of “set the stage” for the main event, which is you!
    Hope you had a great day. 🙂

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