Long Tuesday

Another day, another couple of bucks.  Get up, get lunches packed, get breakfast made, walk Robert to school, play on the computer, go to work.  After formation, I headed to the practice room again and spent just about all morning there, mostly working on my scales.  Then at lunch I came home as I had forgotten my notebook I needed for this afternoon.  After I ate, I got a little bit of crocheting done before heading back to work.  After a quick stop at the office, I headed to my meeting that I have every other week.  It was a long one today – over 45 minutes, and they’ve been done in half hour lately.  Then it was back to the band hall to get ready for the mock promotion board for my Soldier, JB.  I talked with First Sergeant for quite a while about what is expected of the supervisor, especially with this Command Sergeant Major that runs the boards.  Then JB came in and was asked all the many questions on the many topics.  By the time we had the post-board brief (so the board members can tell the Soldier what was good and what needs to be worked on), it was after 1700 when we were done.  I was tired by the time I headed home.  Once home, Robert and I got the van cleaned out and I got changed out of uniform.  Then we headed to the Legion to pick up tables for Ryan to use tomorrow and then to Jack in the Box for dinner.  Once home, Ryan got the van loaded for tomorrow and Robert got the living room cleaned up.  Then we talked about what he did at school today and read his books and then it was bedtime.  After he was in bed, I crocheted for a while.  Now I’m heading to bed as well.

Today’s high:  78
Current:  65

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