Church and a relaxing afternoon

Robert and I went to church this morning. With all of Ryan’s sleep issues, I’ve noticed lately that he’s finally settling into a deep non-restless sleep about 0400 or 0500 or so, and I’ve been trying to let him sleep when he can so that he can be rested once in a while. The choir sang at the early service (0800) and Robert was very well-behaved sitting with the choir. And of course, all the choir ladies love having him sit with us. The guys like him, too, but they don’t get to sit with him. The service was nice and we visited for a while afterward. Then it was back in the church for Sunday School opening. After Robert was in Sunday School, I headed home for a little while as I needed to get Ryan’s shirt and pants ironed. He was doing a mission with the Legion Color Guard today. Since he was taking the van, I walked back to the church to get Robert from Sunday School. By how long it took me to walk there (about 6 or 7 minutes), I estimate that it is more than 1/4 mile but less than 1/2 mile. Robert was excited to get to walk home. Once home, we watched Shrek the Third – I hadn’t seen it yet although we’ve had it for a while. We played lots of games of Chutes and Ladders. And I even stitched for a while. Once Ryan got home, we played some more before heading to Chili’s for dinner. Then it was home to play some more before cleaning up and bathtime and bedtime. Since it was Ryan’s turn tonight, I got some extra stitching in.

Today’s high: 75
Current: 60


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