Busy day

This morning started off with me running the Veterans Day 5K here in Sierra Vista.  It was my first race here in Arizona – very well-organized and tons of volunteers!  I completed the course in  31:13, good enough for 3rd in the 30-39 age group for females!!!!  They had really cool medals, and it even has the place, age group, race name, and date on the back of it!!  I got a massage after the race and that was a nice treat – even better since it was free!  Then I headed home and relaxed for a little bit before heading back out for my scheduled 15 mile run.  I didn’t figure I’d do the full 15 miles, but I only made it 5.73 miles in 1:13:18.  My body was kind of like – "uh, what are you doing???  You just ran a race.  No more."  LOL

Once I got home, Ryan left shortly after to go for a bike ride with his friends.  I relaxed for a while and the Robert and I got ready to make cookies.  As we were getting the ingredients out, I realized that we didn’t have brown sugar or vanilla, so we headed to the store.  Then we got home and had a successful attempt number 2.  Robert did a great job helping me, even breaking the eggs and not getting any shell in them.  While the cookies were baking, I got one of the wedding cross stitch things finished into a little ornament.  We also walked and got the mail.  Finally I got to sit down and stitch for a little while and I finished the back stitching on the 3rd wedding thing.  Then I got the cookies packed up and Robert and I headed to R & M’s for their wedding reception.  Ryan met us there a little later when he got home.  There were a lot of people there and M had made a ton of food.  I was even adventurous and tried different kinds of cheeses.  They weren’t bad, but I still think I’ll stick with my favorites.  Everyone really liked my cookies.  We stayed for a while and then headed home to get cleaned up and Robert to bed.  I’m heading there as well.

Today’s high:  78
Current:  63


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