Training (or not), Tucson, and a run

This morning after packing lunches and making breakfast, I walked Robert to school.  His friend J was getting there the same time, so I almost didn’t get a hug because Robert went to go play.  But I did get one.  Then it was home for a little bit of computer time and then head to work.  After formation (where RW reenlisted for another 4 years – he’s a fellow trombone player), we were supposed to have some annual mandatory training tasks.  Well, the computer that was going to be used for the training wouldn’t connect to the internet and that’s where the training was.  So the training was postponed until another day.  I spent the rest of the morning getting caught up in my Ops office – phone calls, e-mails, calendar updates, etc.  

Just about lunchtime, I headed out and north to Tucson.  Once there, I met up with a recruiter and we went over to the mall where we have a gig coming up in a few weeks.  I checked to make sure there would be enough room for the rock band to set up, that there was power, etc.  It was a productive trip and since I was there and only about a mile away, I decided to stop by the cross stitch store "The Busy Needle."  The lady that was at the counter remembered me from when I was in there the first time, even though it’s been a couple of months.  I stopped in because I wanted to see about stitching models for them.  The lady I needed to talk to about that wasn’t there, but the lady that was there took down my information for her.  Then I headed home.

Once home, I got changed and headed out for a 6.84 mile run.  It took me 1:20:19, an 11:44 pace.  It was about 82 degrees out when I started and I took a bottle of water with me.  I took walk/water breaks every mile and a half.  As I was getting near home, I saw Ryan walking to the school to pick up Robert.  I ran all the way home and then turned around and caught up to Ryan at the school so we both got to get Robert.  Then it was home to get the mail and relax.  Ryan had an American Legion Riders meeting so Robert and I made mac & cheese for dinner.  He sure loves to cook!  Then we played for a while while the macaroni was cooking and after we ate.  Robert read his books and then got cleaned up for bed.  After I had read to him and got him tucked in, I got out my crocheting and worked on that for a while.  Off to bed now.

Today’s high:  85
Current:  66


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