Concert Band and Pies in the Face

Today was a good day.  I headed out a little early to work as I rode my bike again finally.  Ryan brought my van to a friend of his who owns a car shop to see why my check engine light is on.  It looks like it’s transmission stuff.  Yay.  But we ‘re lucky I guess.  According to the car guy, Dodge vans like ours usually start having transmission problems around 35,000-40,000 miles and we have about 103,000 on ours.  Once at work (it took me 50 minutes to get there, but only part of it was that I haven’t ridden my bike in 2 months – the other part was there was an accident by the gate and only 1 lane going on post instead of 3 so it took a little longer), I got changed and I headed out to formation.  Then we had Concert Band rehearsal for the rest of the morning to start getting ready for our Holiday Concert!!  Yay!  I love concert band, especially at Christmas!  Rehearsal went well and was a lot of fun.  During lunch, I ate and stitched and chatted with a friend on Facebook.  After lunch was our Pie in the Face fundraiser.  Today we actually paid our money and got to do the pies in the faces.  I took my 2 and it wasn’t too bad although SH made sure to get it in my hair and everything.  At least the whipped cream (that’s all the pies were – whipped cream on paper plates) tasted good and it was for a good cause.  We should be able to have a good holiday party.  I did do one pie, but not the one I bid for.  JS wasn’t there as he had an appointment, but we’ll do part 2 another day.  I did do a retaliation pie for SH.  The whole thing was a lot of fun – although watching others get pied was much more fun than getting pied myself.  At least I remembered to bring a towel to clean myself off with.  Once we were done with that, First Sergeant told us "see you tomorrow" so we were done early today!  I made sure the Ops calendar was all up to date and then I got back into my bike clothes and headed out.

I went out the Main Gate instead of East Gate like I usually use because I wanted to stop at my bike shop to see about different tires for my bike and they also checked the air pressure and filled my tires up for free for me.  Then I went to the car place and picked up my van.  I got my bike in the back with no problem and headed home to take a shower.  But just as I was getting ready to do that, Kids World called me and Robert had had an accident so I had to get him.  We went and got the mail and then came home and got him cleaned up and I finally got my shower so I wouldn’t smell like whipped cream anymore.  Ryan had been planning on working Monday Night Football at the Legion with the Riders tonight after his doctor’s appointment, but he came home because they cancelled cooking since no one was going to be there.  So he took us to McDonald’s for dinner.  Once we got home, Robert got the toys cleaned up from the floor and then he read his books.  I got him tucked into bed and then found a cross stitch chart for an exchange that I signed up for and then I sat down and stitched – but not on the new project.  I’ll start that at lunch tomorrow.

Today’s high:  80
Current:  60


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