Today was All Saint’s Sunday at church and the choir sang at both services. But I didn’t quite make it. I guess we were SUPER tired after yesterday’s activities and I didn’t wake up until 1130. And that was when Robert came in "Mommy? Mommy? Can you wake up now?" OOPS! I guess we missed both services AND Sunday School. After some computer time, we headed out to post and went to Jeannie’s Diner for lunch and then to the commissary for some major grocery shopping. It wasn’t too bad in there considering it’s payday weekend. Then it was home to put the groceries away. Once I was done with that, I cleaned the litter box, took the trash out, and then folded laundry that I washed on Friday. Then I sat and relaxed and stitched for a while before calling Mom and Dad. Dinner was Ben & Jerry’s. That was good. 🙂 After I was done on the phone with Mom & Dad, Robert read his books from school and got everything cleaned up. Ryan got Robert tucked into bed and I stitched more. Time for bed for me now. . .

Today’s high: 77
Current: 58


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