Happy Halloween!

After sleeping in a little bit (until about 0800), I got ready and headed out for my weekly long run.  I went 14.03 miles in 3:14:52, a 13:53 pace.  The first about 10 miles were awesome, and then I struggled.  But I still felt good after.  I had a glass of my favorite recovery beverage – chocolate milk – when I got back and then I took a COLD bath followed by a nice warm shower.  I relaxed for a while and played with Robert and stitched for a little bit.  Then I started getting ready for Halloween stuff.  I got my makeup on (after I found it) and got into my Sexy Devil costume.  The I helped Robert get into his Pirate costume.  Once we were all ready, we headed to the Legion for the kids’ Halloween party.  Robert had a great time and one of his friends from school was there so they had fun together.  Robert won a round of musical chairs and got a little bucket FULL of candy and stuff and some "Wild West" figures (cowboys and Indians and stuff).  That will be fun to play with!  After the costume contest there (Robert didn’t win) we headed to the park for trick or treating and more fun.  They had various businesses and stuff in the park and some had little games and things, but they do the event for a safer way to trick or treat.  They had the Halloween area and also the Fall/Harvest Festival area set up with church groups running various games and everything.  It was all free, and Robert got a ton of candy and other stuff, and had a great time.  He saw two more of his friends from school, including his best friend R.  They ended up being to go in the bounce house together.  Then we went home for a little while before heading out to post to bring Robert to J & S’s – S is one of my friends/coworkers and I’ve known both of them since Ft. Jackson.  J used to be in the Army as well.  Robert went right in – they have 2 kids, and they all watched Monster vs. Alien.  Ryan and I headed back to the Legion for the adult Halloween party.  I got to meet some of Ryan’s friends and talk to some that I already knew.  They had a costume contest and I made Ryan go up for Most Original.  He was a hot dog.  That one category alone took like 15-20 minutes and we left after that one.  Ryan didn’t win, but he did have a lot of comments on his costume.  We were both getting tired.  I drove back out to post and we picked Robert up.  He was sleeping (we had brought pjs for him) and Ryan carried him out to the van.  He barely woke up.  Once home, I got him into bed and then took another shower to get all the smoke smell out of my hair.  Yuck.  Now I’m heading to bed as well because I have to be at church for choir warm-ups in 7 hours.

Today’s high:  71
Current:  45

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