Awards Assembly, class, and Parent-Teacher Conferences

This morning after we walked Robert to school, we went and got the mail from yesterday (oops!) and then went back to the school for the Awards Ceremony for the 1st Quarter. Robert received an award for perfect attendance!!! We’re so proud of him! Then it was off to work (yes, I had secured permission to be late). What was left of the morning was spent weeding through my e-mail, making a few phone calls, and getting calendars updated. Then it was lunchtime and I ate and stitched. After lunch we had a Suicide Prevention class at the chapel, given by a Chaplain. After the class was done, it was back to the Ops office to make a few more phone calls and answer a few more e-mails. I had like 6 job requests to take care of today (some from while we were gone TDY and then some that just came in today). I headed home and got changed and Ryan got home from class early and we headed to the school for Parent-Teacher Conferences. Mrs. C is an awesome teacher, and she had lots of great stuff to say about Robert. We got his first report card, even though Kindergartners don’t get anything other than a conference for 1st quarter. But he (and lots of his classmates) are already ahead of Arizona standards for the whole year!!! He’s a member of the "I can count to 100" and "I know my address" clubs and we’re working with him on getting into the "I know my phone number" and "I can tie my shoes" clubs. After we were done talking with Mrs. C, we picked him up from Kids World (at the school) and went to the Book Fair in the library. We bought a few books and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Then we headed home and went through the stuff in Robert’s folder from school and read his books – he has books 14 and 15 now!! He’s doing so well with reading. We played for a while before Ryan tucked him in bed and then I had a nice chat with my cousin H and I stitched for a little bit. Off to bed now – after I go get the mail. Forgot again earlier. Oops.

Today’s high: 51
Current: 40

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