High Schools 1 & 2

We met in the lobby of the hotel at 0630 this morning and grabbed a quick breakfast (breakfast starts at 0630) before heading out to High School number 1.  There were maybe 50 students and it went pretty well.  They had some good questions.  Then it was off to High School number 2.  Fewer students and less time (we actually didn’t have time for very many questions) and we played a whole lot better.  Of course, we were more warmed up for that.  Then we were done for the day.  We headed back to the hotel to get changed out of uniform.  I had a little bit of computer time and I stitched a little bit before we met up for lunch at 1130.  We went to Red Robin for lunch.  Then it was back to the hotel, and I tried to stitch some more, but I kept dozing off so I opted for a nap instead.  I slept for like 3 hours!  Then I stitched for almost an hour after that before we met up for dinner.  We were all still kind of full from lunch, so we just went to Yogurtland for dinner.  Then after we ate, we went to a place that had putt-putt golf and go-karts.  We raced the go-karts three times and played a round of putt-putt golf.  We had an absolute blast!!  Then it was back to the hotel and I got a little bit more stitching done and now I’m going to read for a bit and get some sleep before tomorrow’s High Schools.

Today’s high:  82
Current:  54

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