Church times 2 and north to Phoenix

Today was Reformation Sunday, and on festival Sundays such as today, the choir sings at both the 0800 and 1100 services.  So we were at the church at 0730 so I was ready for choir warm-ups before the service.  We processed in singing A Mighty Fortress is Our God and the service was really nice.  After the service, I got out of my choir robe and we visited for a little bit and then went back in the church for the 0930 Sunday School opening.  After the kids left for Sunday School, Ryan and I went home for a little while and I found a quickie wedding cross stitch chart and finished packing.  Then it was back to church for 1030 for warm-ups for the 1100 service.  Ryan picked up  Robert from SS and they went and got gas in the van and had time for lunch at home before coming back to pick me up.  After the choir sang at the 1100 service, several of us choir members that had already been through the 0800 service left.  The guys picked me up and we headed home for me to finish getting ready for my trip.

Shortly before 1300, we headed to the band hall and the guys said good bye to me.  The Brass Quintet got the truck loaded up with our suitcases and instruments and we headed to Phoenix where we will be performing for band kids from 7 area high schools in the next few days.  The drive up was really good and I stitched the whole way.  Once we arrived and got checked in, we had some time before meeting up for dinner and I stitched for a little bit more and made my weekly phone call home to Mom & Dad.  At 1800 we met up in the lobby and headed out to dinner.  We went to Pappaedeaux Seafood Kitchen.  Oh my was that some good food!!!  I even got to try fried alligator (a couple of the guys got some for an appetizer and they shared).  It was really good.  I had Stuffed Shrimp Montage – super HUGE shrimp oven-baked stuffed with lump crab cake and covered with a parmesan cheese sauce.  It was WAY good!!!!  After we had all eaten our fill and sat and relaxed and chatted for a while, we headed to Yogurtland for dessert.  I love that you pay by the ounce there – 30 cents an ounce.  My yogurt (frozen type) tonight only about $1.25.  LOL  After we had finished eating there, we headed back to the hotel and now I’m going to bed.

Today’s high:  87 (Scottsdale)
Current:  74


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