Relaxing Saturday

I woke up this morning and got into my running clothes and headed out the door.  I went for a 9.11 mile run in 1:57:04, a nice easy 12:50 pace.  I only walked during my water breaks every mile and a half (and GU at mile 4.5) and at the 4 intersections I had to wait to cross.  It was a really good run.  I made a big loop and utilized 3 different multi-use paths.  It was about 55 degrees when I left out about 0815 and 70 when I got home 2 hours later.  I felt really good and enjoyed being out on the roads. 

After I got home, Robert and I made cinnamon streusel coffee cake stuff for breakfast and Ryan went to the store and got some milk.  Then we ate and relaxed for a while.  I did my computer stuff, Robert watched cartoons, Ryan played on his computer.  And I got a load of laundry done.  After a while, we headed out to post and wandered around the PX for a while and then went to the commissary for groceries for the week.  For the last 3 weeks, we have not spent more than $40 on groceries!  Then we decided to go exploring on our way home, and we went out the West Gate.  Well, we ended up in the middle of nowhere and it took almost an hour to get home.  But it was some pretty scenery and it was fun exploring.  Once we were home I got the groceries put away and did another load of laundry.  We went to Golden Corral for dinner and then home to fold laundry and get the house cleaned up a little.  After Robert was tucked into bed I stitched for a while and we watched Tivo.

Today’s high:  80
Current:  62

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