Diagnostic PT Test, CSM Briefing, and BQ

This morning was my diagnostic PT test.  Considering I’ve not really trained for the PT test, I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did!  I did 40 pushup for 93% (5 away from 100%), 74 situps for 98% (2 away from 100%), and ran my 2 miles in 17:48 for 87%.  My total score this morning was 278.  Our record PT test is in 27 days and I will totally be able to max my pushups AND my situps!!  And I only need to take 24 seconds off my run time to get my 90% on my run, and I can most likely take off more than that.  I’m looking at scoring my highest ever PT test score AND finally getting my physical fitness badge, as well as maintaining my PT exemption!!  

I got home just in time to walk Robert to school and then after we dropped him off, I ran home so I could get changed into uniform and get breakfast.  I even had a little bit of computer time.  Then it was off to the medical clinic so I can get a referral to an allergist.  The doctor was really cool and put in a referral for me.  Then it was off to work.  I spent the morning in my Ops office and then shortly before 1100, I headed over to the post theater for our in-brief with our new Garrison Command Sergeant Major.  I was fighting the ZZZ monster really bad and I really don’t have much of an idea what Sergeant Major talked about.  He just kind of rambled on.  Finally it was done and it was lunchtime.  But I had to wait around for First Sergeant since I had said I’d give him a ride back to the band hall.  He kind of forgot about that and was chit-chatting with Sergeant Major.  It’s all good, though.  I ate my lunch when I got back to my office and then got ready for Brass Quintet rehearsal.  We had a really good rehearsal this afternoon.  Then it was back to my office to close out the day.  I started feeling really yucky on the way home and when I got home and stumbled into the house, I went and took a nap.  Ryan got Robert from school and they made mac & cheese for dinner.  Robert woke me up when dinner was ready.  He’s so sweet —>  (barely above a whisper) "Mommy?  Mommy. . .  Dinner’s ready."  I still felt bleh but I ate some.  And then I called a left a message with the choir director’s husband that I wouldn’t be at choir practice.  😦  Boo.  I was really looking forward to it, too.  Robert read his books and got ready for bed and I got him all tucked in (Ryan was at his Legion meeting).  Then I crocheted for a while.  I’m still feeling a little bleh and I’m heading to bed now.  Hopefully I feel better in the morning.

Today’s high:  69
Current:  55

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