Helldorado Days Parade in Tombstone

Today was a no church day. I had formation at 0930 and Robert came with me. Ryan met up with the rest of the Legion Riders at the Legion about 0915. Robert and I drove in the band "convoy" to Tombstone, about 45 minutes away. We got parked and I got my horn out and we met up with Ryan. Robert went with Ryan and got to ride on his Harley with him for the Helldorado Days Parade. The parade was about 5 blocks long, and with the band at the front, I had enough time to go watch the rest of the parade – and get pics of my guys on the bike!! Robert wore my helmet and it was only a very tiny bit too big. He had a great time riding with Daddy and waving to everyone along the parade route. They even got interviewed, so maybe we’ll see them in the newspaper tomorrow. That would be cool! After they were done with the parade route, I met them by the Legion and we watched the rest of the parade there. HUGE parade and there were several thousand people lining the streets in the 6 blocks. When the band went through, we played one march once and a half with no breaks. It was a good parade for my first one here in AZ. After the parade was done, we went and put the helmets and Ryan’s flag into my van – and put my trombone away (I watched the rest of the parade while holding my horn). Then we walked along the streets and looked into some shops. We saw LOTS of people in period (late 1800’s) clothing and reenactors with their guns and stuff. It was really cool. Then we walked a ways further to a restaurant for lunch. Really good food. Then was the walk back to the Legion to get Ryan’s bike and then on to the parking lot to get my van and we headed home.

Once home, I got out of uniform and we all relaxed for a few minutes before heading to Walmart where I found a Halloween costume (still nothing for Ryan, but we’re one closer to being ready for the Halloween party at the Legion) and we got a few other things as well and then to the grocery store for a few things for the week. We bought 2 half gallons of milk for 77 cents each – much cheaper than buying a gallon. 🙂 I love getting good deals like that. I called Mom & Dad in the car on the way home from the store and then talked while I put the groceries away and more. Robert was hungry, so I warmed up a piece of pizza leftover from yesterday for him. Then he played for a while and we started watching the NASCAR race from yesterday (I love Tivo!!). Ryan tucked Robert in tonight, and I stitched for a while.

Today’s high: 84
Current: 70

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