Good start, but then I wanted a do-over

Other than not getting up to run (I’m tired of Benydryl and I can’t wait until I can go see an allergist and hopefully get (back) on allergy shots), my day started pretty good.  I got lunches packed and breakfast made and we walked Robert to school for Kids World.  Then I had some computer time before heading to work.  After formation, we had about an hour and I did some e-mails and stuff and then we had to meet back outside to do our area for Fall Cleanups.  Even First Sergeant was out with a trash bag picking up cigarette butts and all kinds of other trash.  Our area covered from Burger King (right next door to the band hall) all the way to the street in front of our building.  It’s not really that big of an area, but because of Burger King and the "Lemon Lot", there were a lot of straw wrappers, cigarette butts, and all kinds of other trash.  After a little over an hour, First Sergeant said it was good and we were done – for today.  By then it was almost lunchtime, but I got a little bit of Ops stuff done.  Then I ate and stitched and played on my computer.  After lunch, we had 2 classes – government travel cards and the Defense Travel System (DTS).  They lasted about an hour and a half with a 10 minute break in between them.  Then I had planned on going to the practice room for the rest of the day, but that didn’t happen.  I had some Ops stuff to do.  I left just before 1600 and stopped for gas on my way home.  It was only $2.25 a gallon!!  Yay for gas prices going down!  Once home, Ryan was out weed-eating the back yard and when he ran out of string for the weed eater, we headed to the garage and got a few boxes emptied and we did some reorganizing.  There’s a lot more room in there, but still not enough for me to be able to park my van in there.  Someday we’ll have room for both Ryan’s bike and my van.  Then we went and got Robert from Kids World and came home and I finished up dinner.  I made rice to go with the meatballs I had cooking in bbq sauce in the crockpot.  Well, dinner didn’t turn out so good.  They bbq sauce tasted burnt – too much time in the crockpot I guess and the rice was kind of gross, too.  It was one of those flavored rice side dish things.  Then we got the table cleared and kitchen cleaned and Robert and I played for a while.  Then he read his books and got ready for bed.  It was my night to tuck him in, so I read to him and tucked him in and got ready to crochet.  And that’s when I remembered that it was Wednesday and I was missing choir practice.  It was already almost 1945, so I had missed over half of rehearsal already.  Can I get a do-over for this evening???  I’ll call the choir director tomorrow and tell her what happened.  So I crocheted and we watched Tivo.  Now I’m about to head to bed.

Today’s high:  82
Current:  68

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