Back to being a musician!

I started my morning off when my alarm went off at 0500!  I went for a 3.16 mile run in 35:16.  It was an 11:09 pace, not bad for finally getting back into my morning runs.  It was a beautiful morning and I got to see the sun rise near the end of my run.  Now. . .  to keep this up.  Marathon is only 3 months away.  When I got back from my run, I did 200 crunches.  I’m only 2600 behind on my 100-a-day challenge – down from 4000 behind!!  I will make it.  My friend is doing so awesome with the crunch challenge!!  And running – oh to be half as good as her some day.

Then it was into Mommy-mode after I got changed into uniform.  I got lunches packed and breakfast made.  We watched cartoons for a little while before heading to the school.  This is Fall Break week so there is no school for Robert, but they still do Kids World all day because they understand that parents still have to work and got to school.  They have little field trips each day and lots of other fun for the kids.  Today they went to a nearby movie theater.  After dropping him off, it was home for a little bit of computer time before heading to work.  Yes, work!!  I’m back to being a bandsman!  After formation, I was expecting and looking forward to Brass Quintet rehearsal, but we ended up with individual practice time instead.  So I spent the morning in the practice room.  Then lunch – eating and stitching.  After lunch was the every-other-week planning meeting I go to.  It was nice and short this week, so that was nice.  Then the fun began.  We’re going to be doing a pie-in-the-face fundraiser at the unit and everyone will be getting a pie in the face – or 2 or 3.  E4s and E5s get one pie each, E6s get two, and E7s and up get three.  So we bid on the pies for each Soldier.  One of my pies went for $20 and the other went for $10.  I bought one for $20.  Some of the Soldiers in the unit bought six or seven pies – a few over $100 in bids.  The actual event will be right after the 1st of November pay day, so everyone will have money.  I don’t think I’m looking forward to getting a whipped cream pie in my face, but it’s a fundraiser for the unit – for awards (PCS, ETS, retirement), unit cookout, etc.  I guess I’ll live.  After that was done, I got all the calendars updated and then headed home for the day.  After relaxing for a little bit and getting out of my uniform, I got meatloaf in the oven for dinner and then we went to get Robert.  He did not want to leave – he likes being the last one there.  Dinner was good, and we got a phone call from Mom in the middle of it.  But that was an ok interruption.  After we got the table cleared, we played for a while and the Robert read his books and then got ready for bed.  I crocheted a square for an exchange while we watched Tivo.

Today’s high:  80
Current:  65


2 thoughts on “Back to being a musician!

  1. Way to go on the crunches (and the run!) I have to go two weeks in early November with not exercise at all, so I’m trying to double up between now and then so I don’t get behind (ugh). I still say our goal in 2010 should be NO CRUNCHES WHATSOEVER. 😉

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