Columbus Day

We had our "no-alarm-clocks-allowed" morning this morning.  It sure was nice being able to sleep in.  Robert and I had Chocolate Lucky Charms for breakfast, and then Ryan had cereal as well when he got up.  We had a productive, yet relaxing day.  We went through 3 boxes, I did a load of laundry, we had a lot of fun playing with Robert.  I Freecycled some shoes (mine) that we finally unpacked and also a lot of our empty boxes.  I listed them this afternoon, and all was picked up before dinner!  Yay for Freecycle!  Ryan worked at the Monday Night Football dinner at the Legion and Robert cooked mac & cheese for the two of us after we played Wii Fit for over an hour – I did 45 minutes alone.  That sure was a good workout.  Dinner was good.  After we ate, we got the kitchen cleaned up and loaded the dishwasher and ran that.  Then he read his books to me and I read him a bedtime story and got him tucked into bed.  Then I stitched some more (I had done some in the afternoon) and listened to some classical music on the classical channel on tv.

Today’s high:  78
Current:  69


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