I was actually bored

I was off today – 4-day weekend for the Columbus Day holiday.  But Robert still had school, so I was up and got his lunch packed and his breakfast made and walked him to school.  Once home from the school, I went back to bed!  I slept until almost 1100 and that sure felt good.  And then the relaxing day continued.  I ate breakfast.  I played on my computer.  Ryan left for his doctor appointment.  I got laundry started.  I stitched for a couple of hours – during the day!  That rarely happens.  Ryan got home from his appointment.  We got Robert from school and went to the Legion for dinner.  They had enchilada night – pretty good food!  When we got home, Robert read his books to us and we played for a while.  Then he had a quick bath and once he was in bed, I stitched some more and we watched Tivo’ed shows.

Today’s high:  75
Current:  58


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