EOLC Day 8 – Final Exam and Presentations!!

Today was our final day of class for the Equal Opportunity Leader Course.  We started off the morning with our final exam.  We had an hour to complete the exam.  Everyone in the class was done within 20 minutes.  LOL  It really wasn’t that hard.  After the exam, we started our student presentations.  Most of the them were on controversial topics, and our instructor gave us topics that were unfamiliar to us and/or put us out of our comfort zone.  My presentation went really well and I got lots of good comments on it afterwards.  Lunch was fun.   Four of us (all female – not typcial for me) went to a local Korean restaurant.  Our Korean female in the class was one of the four and she even called ahead and reserved a table for us and everything.  The food was really good, and we had a great time talking about all kinds of stuff.  I had been hoping we would get out of class early this afternoon, but the presentations took all day and we were done just before 5 like usual.  Then it was home to change and get Robert from school (not at the same time) and then home and Ryan made mac & cheese for dinner.  I had choir practice this evening and that was fun as always.  We started working on our cantata as well.  After I got home from practice, I tucked in the ends on a baby blanket I finished crocheting last week and now it’s computer time before bed.

Today’s high:  77
Current:  61

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