EOLC Day 7 complete – and pictures

I was thankful for Ryan’s alarm going off yet again this morning.  I totally didn’t hear mine go off at 0500.  Anyone on the east coast want to send me a text message at 0815 your time??  LOL  I got Robert’s lunch packed and made breakfast for us and we got him off to school.  Then it was home for a little bit of computer time before heading off to class.  This morning we talked about the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH), and the rest of the topics in our book.  We got released for lunch a little early so we had time to work on our presentations.  I figured out (for the most part) what I’m going to say to go along with the powerpoint slides I had already done.  Ryan met me in the parking lot and then we went to the Mexican restaurant for lunch.  Then it was back to class for our exam review.  We finished shortly before 3 and were done for the day.  I went to the band hall to sign my travel settlement from our TDY a week and a half ago.  Then I had to stay for a full band formation at 1530 and then I headed home.  I grabbed a quick shower and got changed, and when Ryan got home we went and got Robert from school.  The guys got changed and we headed to the church for our directory picture appointment.  We got there an hour early because we had mis-remembered our appointment time.  But it worked out ok because they had had a cancellation.  The guy (from Olan Mills) taking the picture was AWESOME.  Robert went from crying (because he didn’t want his picture taken) to total laughter in about 3 seconds.  The church is doing a new directory because we’re going to be calling a new Pastor within the next few months and this will be a good way for him to put names and faces together.  After we were done with pictures, we went to Walmart and ate at the McDonald’s there and then bought lunch bags (Robert needs one for his lunch tomorrow at school), a piece of poster board, and some makers so I can do a visual aid for my presentation tomorrow.  Then it was home and Robert showed us his stuff from school and read his books to us and then headed off to bed.  He’s excited about tomorrow.  I got all the rest of my stuff ready for my presentation – I’ll practice it a few times and also study for my exam in the morning.  Now it’s time for bed. . .

Today’s high:  80
Current:  69

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