EOLC Day 6 (begin week 2)

Robert was feeling lots better this morning.  Thanks for all the concern and prayers for him!!  Of course, I was feeling a little bleh.  I got lunches packed and breakfast made and we got him off to school.  Then I had some computer time before I headed to class.  Today in class we talked about the complaint procedure and did some role playing where several of the members in the class got to be EOLs and listen to complaints from various Soldiers (from outside the class).  It was interesting seeing how things actually happened.  That took pretty much all morning.  I stitched during lunch after I ate.  Then the afternoon was spent talking about Racism and Sexism, Religious Accomodations, and Extremist Organizations.  Lots of interesting dicussions ensued.  And I also finally (finished) figured out that I was raised very differently than the other members of my class.  I was raised in such a manner that I don’t really notice race or ethnicity.  I was clueless about a lot of the extremist groups we talked about.  I don’t really have stereotypes of various races or ethnicities.  I suppose that could help me in the long run as an Equal Opportunity Leader since I don’t have biases and stuff.  So, thank you Mom & Dad for how you raised me.

After class was done I headed home and changed quick and then went and got Robert from school.  We walked and got the mail and then watched the Handy Manny special that we Tivo’ed last night.  Robert cooked dinner tonight (with a little help from me, but not much).  He made scrambled eggs.  He broke the eggs into the bowl and stirred them.  I put them in the microwave.  He pushed the 1 minute button.  I took them out.  He stirred.  Repeat until cooked.  He also had a pancake & sausage on a stick.  I just had eggs because my stomach was still feeling a little off.  After we got cleaned up, we got his teeth brushed and got him ready for bed.  Ryan got home (he had a VA appointment in Tucson) just as we were finishing our bedtime Bible story for the night.  After he was all tucked in, Ryan and I folded clothes and then I stitched and we watched the end of Monday Night Football.  Boo.  My Packers lost.  😦  Then we watched some Tivo’ed shows.

Today’s high:  78
Current:  66

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