And thus ends another weekend

We had an interesting morning. Robert was up around 0600 and I heard the TV (he was watching cartoons – he knows that 757 is "his" channel – the Disney Channel). I came out and told him that it was way too early to be up and got him back to bed and then I went back to bed. Ok, so I should have probably gone running, but that’s beside the point. I woke up about 0930 and Robert was still sound asleep. No Sunday School for him today since he’s still not feeling good. He got up about 1010 and I got him some breakfast and then I headed off to church for choir warm-ups at 1030. Robert cried when I told him he couldn’t go to church, but I don’t want him to get anyone else sick and he needs to rest. Ryan stayed home with him obviously since he can’t stay home alone. Church was really good, and quite a few people asked where Ryan and Robert were. The choir ladies love Robert sitting with me – he usually comes and sits with me after Communion each week. After the service, I headed home and Robert was feeling a little better so we all headed out to post. We went to lunch at Burger King and Robert enjoyed playing on the big play area outside. Then we did a little bit of grocery shopping at the commissary before heading home. We were talking about going to Walmart after I got the groceries put away, but Robert said he didn’t want to go. So he and I stayed home, and Ryan went on his bike and got cat food, pull ups for Robert, Kleenex for me, and he picked out some fabric for a flag cover. He’s got a flag mount on his bike now, and he bought a flag for when he does escort missions with the Patriot Guard Riders. I sewed a flag cover for his flag for when it’s not in use (both stored in the garage and on his bike when he’s riding to and from missions). I didn’t have a pattern or anything, but it wasn’t really hard. I should take a pic of it – and of Ryan on his bike with his flag on it. Robert spent most of the afternoon snuggled in our rocking chair, and after a while he moved to the floor – he was having a pretend picnic on his blanket one minute and the next he was sound asleep. He slept for probably a couple of hours. I called home and talked to Mom & Dad for a while, and then when we were done on the phone, we woke Robert up and went to Wendy’s for dinner. He ate some french fries and part of his frosty and then when we got home, I gave him some more Tylenol and then he went to bed and was asleep soon after laying down. Hopefully he’s feeling better in the morning so he can go to school. I stitched while we finished watching the NASCAR race on Tivo. Now, I’ll finish up on the computer and then get to bed.

Today’s high: 78
Current: 68

A picture of my progress on Lizzie Kate’s ABC Lessons. I have 7.25 hours complete on it. There is an ‘s’ at the end of ‘blessing’ and then that’s the end of the first line.
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