Day 5/Week 1 Complete

I got up this morning and got Robert’s lunch packed and breakfast made.  Then I got to reading my assignment for the quiz this morning.  We walked Robert to school and then it was home to finish reading and do some computer stuff.  Ryan drove me to class today so he could have the van.  Class was interesting today.  It was civies day, so we got to see each other in our more natural states.  We took our final quiz and then got our topics for our presentations next week.  Our topics were picked for us by our instructor, and I was given "the controversy around the use of the "N" word".  Hmm. . . .  I guess I’ll be doing some research this weekend to work on that.  The rest of the morning was spent doing an exercise which resulted in us experiencing first-hand how society  breaks people into groups, and sometimes people in lower groups can move up/upper groups go down, and sometimes no matter what you do, you just can’t change where you’re at.  It was kind of interesting and the discussion that ensued after was really good – those that had ended up (either by what they did or by how the people in power (our instructor, in charge of the exercise) feel you should be) in the lowest class were somewhat upset by their treatment, even though it was just a game.  By the end, the lowest group, the triangles, had had their chairs taken away from them so they had to stand all the time and they were treated a lot worse than say the squares, the highest group (which I ended up in).  We had our chairs, and the instructors brought us a candy jar, and eventually we were told we would be able to make the rules for the next round (which didn’t happen – the rules did, but there was no next round).  I wish I knew the name of the activity so I could put a link because I’m sure all of this is as clear as mud.  LOL  But at any rate, it was a good training thing for us.  Then we went to lunch – we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and we had a great time.

OH – rewind.  While we were doing the discussion after the exercise, my pocket kept vibrating – 3 phone calls with follow-on messages, and several text messages.  We were finally done and I was able to check everything.  The first call and message was from the school nurse and all others from Ryan.  Robert got sick at school just after lunch and threw up his lunch all over himself.  The nurse said he had a temp of 100.  So Ryan picked him up from school and brought him home.  Robert napped for a while.  Once we were done with our lunch, the guys met me at BWW and picked me up.  We went to Walgreens and got some Children’s Tylenol and Motrin, upon the advice of the nurse Ryan talked to at the Medical Clinic on post.  He had called them and they said just to alternate Tylenol and Motrin, and not to bring him in unless his temp. got over 102.  We also got some Gatorade for him.  We headed home and I gave him his first dose of Motrin and took his temp.  It was 99.  Yay for going down!  We played for a while and Ryan went to Lowe’s to get a few things he needed.  When Ryan got home, we went to Pizza Hut for dinner.  Robert already seemed to be feeling better, but he did only eat one piece of bread stick.  When we got home, we read his books and then he headed to bed.  I stitched on Lady of the Flag and chatted with my friend A while we watched some Tivo’ed shows.  And now I’m heading to bed as well.

Today’s high:  82
Current:  72


One thought on “Day 5/Week 1 Complete

  1. Game and Robert

    Sorry to hear about Robert getting sick – that is no fun. If he needs to feel better you can let him know it’s OK to throw up at school that his Uncle Rick did it one time too. Hope he gets better soon.

    For the game you played – I’ve had the fun of playing this game and facilitating it as well. We used it in Leadership Camp at CMU. It’s called Star Power. and

    We used it to help show how things can be unfair, but also that you can use leadership to work on changing the system. If you just accept the system the way it is without improving it, then you are just part of the problem and not the solution.

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