EOLC Day 4

Day 3 of not getting up to run.  ACK!!  NOT good.  I got up and made lunches and breakfast and then we walked Robert to school.  Then it was back home to finish reading my assignment for the quiz this morning.  I got to class and took the quiz and missed one again.  Now I’m down to a 93.3% average.  It’s all Go/No-go anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.  We spent the day talking about Racism, Sexism, Discrimination, and Prejudice.  LOTS of interesting and intense discussions ensued today.  I went to the band hall during lunch for a little bit and checked my work e-mail and chatted with First Sergeant for a little bit.  Then I headed back to the classroom to eat my lunch and stitch for a little while before class resumed.  We got out a few minutes early at the end of the day and then I stopped at the commissary for a gallon of milk on my way home.  We ended up not eating at home since I had forgotten that Ryan had American Legion Riders meeting tonight.  After we picked Robert up from school, I decided he probably could use new shoes since the toe on one shoe was completely open.  Ryan went to his meeting and Robert and I went to McDonald’s for dinner and then to the "small" to Payless Shoes for new shoes.  He got "big boy" shoes – ones with laces because he wants to learn how to tie his shoes.  I let him play in the play area at the "small" for a little while and then it was home to go through his stuff in his folder from school and to read his books.  He got another new one, so now he has 9 little books.  Then it was off to bed for him, and I did computer stuff when I should have read my assignment for tomorrow’s quiz.  Oops.

Today’s high:  84
Current:  67

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