BQ Gig, Range Day, and BQ TDY

This morning I was up early, but at least I got to say goodbye to my guys who were barely up before I had to leave.  I headed to post, to the Thunder Mountain Activity Center where the Brass Quintet played for the kick-off breakfast for the Combine Federal Campaign.  We played for about 20 minutes as everyone was arriving, the National Anthem, and then about another 20 minutes while everyone was getting their food.  Then we put our instruments away and we were able to eat as well.  They had potatoes, eggs, bacon, and biscuits (and gravy, but YUCK).  The guest speaker spoke while everyone was eating, and then when he was done, it was over.

We headed out to the rifle range to join up with the rest of the unit already out there.  They got started late, but finally started firing about 45 minutes after I got there.  I was in the second firing order so I still had to wait around more.  At least I keep a book in my van, so I was able to read for a while.  Finally it was my turn to go out on the range.  My zeroing wasn’t so good – I was all around the center of the target, but couldn’t hit the center of the target until my last 3 zeroing rounds – got those pretty much dead center.  I was given the option to re-zero or to qualify.  I chose qualify just because I wanted to get it over with.  Qualification went awesome, other than during my 20 rounds from the prone supported position.  The rounds didn’t load right, and I had to drop the magazine and reload a few rounds into the magazine and then get going again.  Prone unsupported and kneeling I had no problems with.  Then it was time to go downrange and get our targets.  I did a quick unofficial count of my hits, and I counted 33 out of 40!!!  That’s enough for Sharpshooter instead of my usual Marksman!  Woohoo!!!  This was one of the best times I’ve qualified in my career.  Once I was done on the range, I headed home for a quick change and finish packing.

Ryan drove me back to the band hall so he and Robert could have the van over the weekend.  I walked next door to Burger King to get some lunch and then went back to my office to eat and check me e-mail and stuff before heading out.  Once everyone in the BQ was back from the range and had changed, we headed out.  We were in 2 vehicles and it sure was a lot more comfortable than the truck earlier in the week.  We have a rented minivan and a car.  We stopped for gas and snacks (gatorade and water for me) at the Circle K on the way out of town, and then we were off.  We stopped in Casa Grande at Subway for dinner and then in Tempe (by Arizona State University) at Yogurtland again.  That place sure is good!  Then it was on to our hotel in Glendale.  We got checked in and up to our rooms – we each have our own room!  (Of course, I get my own anyway since I’m the only female in BQ.)  What a nice room – it’s actually got a sitting area when you walk in, and then the beds.  My bed is really soft and comfy, and I’m about to try it out in a horizontal position, one involving sleep.

Today’s high:  84 (Sierra Vista)
Current:  82 (Glendale)

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