My first Ft. Huachuca TDY

Yesterday morning I got Robert’s lunch packed and breakfast made and then we walked him to school.  Then it was home to finish packing the last few things and Ryan drove me to work so he could have the van.  The members of the Brass Quintet got the truck loaded with our instruments and bags, and we headed out.  After a few stops along the way, including lunch at In and Out Burgers and afternoon snack at Yogurtland (an AWESOME place that has lots of flavors of frozen yogurt and all kinds of toppings to add on), we got to the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort.  WOW!!!  What a beautiful place.  The reception staff was awesome.  We got checked in and found our rooms and got settled.  We had some down time before we had to get ready for our gig.  We found where we would be playing later, a few of us checked out the on-site fitness center (and definitely NOT your typical hotel fitness center), and then I just relaxed in my room until it was time to get ready.  We played for the ice breaker event for the 9th Signal Command Retention Training conference.  We played for about an hour and everyone really enjoyed the music.  And there was free food, too, so we didn’t even have to go eat dinner when we were done playing.  After we put our horns back in our rooms, we all walked the little bit more than a half mile to Walgreens to get stuff for breakfast so we didn’t have to eat the $12.95 breakfast buffet.  I was in bed about 2130, and drugged up on Benydryl.  I chatted with my friend A using yahoo messenger on my phone and I read for a bit before a fell asleep.

This morning I got up and met up with SSG H and we went to the fitness center together.  He walked on a treadmill and I did intervals.  I did 2.76 miles of 60-120’s – 60 seconds fast at between 7 and 7.5 mph (I went up every other time) and then 120 seconds at 5 mph.  It was a good workout for 30 minutes.  Then it was back to the room to get showered and into uniform for the official portion of the conference.  We played about 15 minutes of pre-music, and then the National Anthem and the Army Song.  We got coins from the Command Sergeant Major, and they’re pretty big ones.  Then we were able to go look at all the vendors that they brought in for the conference and we got a ton of free stuff – a duffle bag, glasses, coffee mug, flashlights, knives, pens, shirts, a blanket, a pair of noise cancelling headphones, etc.  We had some time to change and pack and relax since we weren’t really on a schedule.  After I had my bags packed, I went to the lobby where I could get free wireless ($12.95 a day in the room) and I did computer stuff for a little while.  We left about 1100 and headed back home.  We stopped for lunch at a little fast food Mexican place – WAY better than Taco Bell.  Good food and not bad prices either.  We got back to the band hall about 1500 and got the truck unloaded.  I checked my work e-mail and took care of the couple that needed answering, and then SSG H gave me a ride home (since Ryan had dropped me off).  I got up to the door and realized that I didn’t have a house key.  I had grabbed my work keys off my key ring, but didn’t think about a house key.  Oops!  So I got my computer out and sat outside the door using our wireless.  I was only out there about 20 minutes and then Ryan got home from class so I was able to get in the house.

We went to the store and got some corn on the cob and tater salad for dinner.  Then Ryan dropped me off at the school and he went home to get the grill going.  Robert was sure happy to see me!  We walked home and then I went to get the mail by myself since Robert decided to be fussy and not listen so he got sent to his room.  Ryan grilled steak for dinner and grilled the corn on the cob as well.  Dinner was really good and it was nice having him cook.  Then we got the kitchen cleaned up and Robert’s toys and stuff put away.  I read to him and got him tucked in and then I crocheted and we watched CSI: Miami and NCIS, season premiers of both!  Now it’s off to bed.  0500 is going to roll around early.

Today’s high:  98 in Phoenix, 87 in Sierra Vista
Current:  67


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