I was up about 0700 this morning when F called to let me know she was on her way with Robert. She dropped him off on her way to church to play for the early service. Robert and I watched cartoons and lounged around until it was time to leave for Sunday School. F’s daughter J sat with us during the opening songs and prayer time. Then they headed off to Sunday School and I headed home for a little bit – and to get Ryan up. Then it was time to head to church and for me to get robed and ready for choir warm ups. The service was really good and after Communion, Robert came and sat with me in the choir area. After church, we headed out to post for lunch at Jeannie’s Diner and then after we ate, I headed to the commissary for grocery shopping while the guys got their hair cut. Then it was to the PX for a few things and then home. After I got the groceries put away, I went and got a manicure and pedicure. It was nice being pampered for a little bit. When I got back home, I was already on the phone with Mom & Dad, and I watched some of the race. Ryan and Robert had already started it, but that’s ok. After a while, we headed to Walmart for ink for our printer and then to Dairy Queen. We stopped for gas and a car wash on our way home, and then it was bedtime for Robert. After I had him tucked in, I got packed for tomorrow and then stitched for a little bit. Time for bed now.

Today’s high: 86
Current: 66

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