EARLY morning

This morning I got up about 0345 and got into uniform and headed to post.  We had formation at 0500 and pre-music started at 0540.  We played for the POW/MIA walk-a-thon that they hold annually on post.  There weren’t a lot of walkers this morning even though all units were supposed to be there.  There are some units in the field, but still.  It was a good gig though and we were appreciated for being there and playing so early in the morning.  After we were done playing, we were released until 0930 and I had just enough time to get home in time to walk with Robert to school.  You should have seen the look on his face when I walked in the door!  After he was at school, we walked up the street a little bit to a yard sale.  Then it was home and I got some computer time.  Then it was back to work.  After formation, we had brass quintet rehearsal to go through our music for next week.  Then we had our release formation.  I had a bit of work to do in Ops, so I went and did that, and while I was working, Ryan showed up.  Once I was done with what I needed to do, we went to lunch together at La Casita, a Mexican restaurant that we like.  And then it was naptime.  I took about an hour and 15 minute nap and Ryan went and took care of a few errands.  Once he was home and had woke me up, we heade back to post for the monthly Right Arm Night at the activity center.  There was free food and 1SG bought beer for everyone.  They had some door prize drawings and stuff, but we had to leave before that so we could get Robert from school.  It was actually pretty lame, but we had to be there.  The unit with the highest percentage of Soldiers present wins some money for their unit fun – for like a BBQ or stuff like that.  After we got Robert from school, we went to Kmart and Ryan finally found new boots to wear when he rides his motorcycle and I found a cute pair of brown shoes to go with my khaki pants – and it was buy one pair, get one pair half off.  Then we went to Target for a few more things that we couldn’t find at Kmart.  Then to the Legion for spaghetti dinner since it was late and we didn’t feel like cooking.  Then it was home to get ready for bed.  I crocheted for a little bit and now I’m heading to bed.

Today’s high:  86
Current:  72

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