Let the marathon training begin!

Although my marathon training plan actually started yesterday, due to the lack of sleep Monday night, I didn’t run yesterday.  So this morning was my first official marathon training run.  I went 5.12 miles in 59:25, an 11:37 pace.  I felt really good even though this was my longest run since I’ve been in Arizona.  There were quite a few other people on the multi-use path that I run on this morning – several people walking, an older guy on a bike, and a guy running with his dog.  It’s nice seeing other people out and exercising in the early morning (I left the house about 0540 – a bit late this morning).  Because I left late, Robert was up when I got back.  I got our lunches packed and his breakfast made and then I went and got changed.  It was a civies day today, so that was nice not having to get into uniform and put my hair up.  After we walked Robert to school, I got my breakfast and had a little bit of computer time.  Then it was off to work.  This morning was office time in the morning and then after lunch (during which I stitched) we had a full band rehearsal for our gig on Friday morning.  That was pretty much the day – pretty boring, actually.  Once home, I actually took about a 45 minute nap.  I’d had a headache most of the afternoon, and the nap took care of it.  Then we went and got Robert from Kids World and home for dinner.  Ryan made breakfast for dinner and it was really good – scrambled eggs, sausage, and tater tots (the commissary didn’t have any hashbrowns).  Then we had a little bit of time before we headed out.  Ryan and Robert dropped me off at the church for choir practice and then they headed to Lowe’s for a few things.  Choir went well – the hour and a half always seems to fly by.  I got a ride home from one of the other sopranos.  Once home, I gave Robert night-night hugs since he was still awake.  Then I did computer stuff.  Too tired to crochet tonight.

Today’s high:  89
Current:  70

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