Monday again

Back to Monday.  The weekends always seem so short.  I got up and got lunches packed and breakfast made.  Then it was time to walk Robert to school.  After we got back, I called the grocery store Robert and I had shopped at yesterday as I couldn’t find my wallet anywhere and I was thinking I had maybe left it there.  They hadn’t had any turned in.  We kept looking around the house and Ryan found it.  I’m not quite sure where it was, but I’m glad he found it.  After a little bit of computer time, I headed to work.  After formation, we had BQ rehearsal all morning – well, until about 1100.  Then for the last half hour before lunch I went to the practice room.  During lunch, I ate and stitched and chatted with a friend on Facebook.  After lunch was Ops stuff, but I didn’t really have much to do until 1430.  Then me and my supervisor and the group leader for the group that had a gig on Saturday had a meeting with First Sergeant about stuff.  It lasted almost an hour.  I don’t think I really learned anything, but stuff that was said did reinforce what I already knew about running Ops.  I’m going to have an Ops Team meeting tomorrow afternoon to talk about some of the stuff that Top talked about.  By the time th eeeting was done, it was about time to go home, so I did a last check of my e-mail, upadated a few things on the calendar, and then headed home.  I stopped for gas on my way and paid only $2.39 a gallon at the shoppette.  Then it was home and I did part of an exercise routine that my friend K had sent to our friend P and P sent it to me.  It works abs/core, upper body, and legs.  You’re supposed to start out with 3 sets of each and then work up to 5.  Well, I did one complete set and then did the abs/core half again before I had to go get Robert from school.  I think I’ll try for 2 sets for now – it about kicked my butt.  But it sure will help for my upcoming PT test in October, and it will help my running as well.  After Robert and I got the mail on our way home, we played for a little while, and then we headed to the American Legion for dinner.  The American Legion Riders were doing dinner (burgers, hot dogs, fries, etc.) during Monday Night Football as a fundraiser for the Legion scholarship fund and Ryan volunteered to help out tonight.  So we went and let Ryan cook dinner tonight.  I got to meet a few more of his friends as well.  Robert thought it was neat that one of Daddy’s friends has the same name as him, and he had fun playing with M, another one of Ryan’s friends.  After we ate we came home and Robert got ready for bed.  After I had him all tucked in, I stitched for a little bit and now I’m heading to bed.  Marathon training officially starts tomorrow!!

Today’s high:  87
Current:  74

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