Bible Sunday and Hymn Fest

This morning was an early morning for us. I had to be at the church at 0730 for choir warm-ups. The guys came with and we all went to the 0800 service – the choir alternates singing at the 0800 and 1100 services. I still can’t believe that our choir takes up FIVE rows of pews in the church!!! Our intern gave the message today and she’s really good. Then 0930 was the Sunday School Opening (as always – a couple of songs and prayer time), but we also celebrated Stepping Stones. They gave prayer pillows to those entering Sunday School for the first time, and all the Kindergartners were presented their first Bibles. The little reading was about the children’s Baptisms and the parents’ promises to take the children to church and place God’s Word in their hands. So the parents actually gave their children their Bibles (Jesus Storybook Bible). Robert loved his, and from talking to his Sunday School teacher after SS when we picked him up, all the kids did! It’s written in story form at their age level and has lots of great illustrations. Robert "read" his to his stuffed buffalo in the car for the rest of the day when we went anywhwere. After we picked him up from Sunday School, we went to Denny’s for breakfast – yay for 10% military discount!! Breakfast was good once we finally got our food. Then it was home. Ryan headed out on his bike to ride with some of the American Legion Riders – and it was a beautiful day to be out on bikes. Robert and I played for a while and he did some crafts.

Then we headed to St. Andrew the Apostle Church for the 2nd Annual Community Hymn Fest. I got Robert situated in a seat where he could see me during the program and then I went and got warmed up. The Hymn Fest was AWESOME!!!!! There was a community choir of close to 100 voices, our instrument ensemble, and probably 400+ in the congregation. There were all types of Christian music – chant, hymns, and contemporary. There were readings between the songs, 2 mass choir pieces, and a freewill offering for the Salvation Army. It lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. Robert was very well-behaved yet again. After it was done, we got to see the pipes in the organ chamber of the pipe organ. It was really cool, and actually, the pipe organ is so big that there are 2 chambers to house the pipes. I didn’t even get to see the biggest pipes. But it was really neat seeing them and hearing a little bit about the history of the organ (originally from Racine, WI) and other stuff about them.

After a quick stop at home to get the grocery list, Robert and I went and did grocery shopping for the week. Then it was home to play for the evening. I called Mom & Dad, and Robert talked to them for quite a while as well. We had our Sunday night ice cream for dinner. Robert had a nice long bath and I got him tucked into bed. Ryan got home about 1/2 hour after Robert had been in bed. I crocheted some. Oh, and I just remembered that I have clothes in the washer that should probably go in the dryer.

Today’s high: 82
Current: 69