Breakfast, Rehearsal, and more

This morning we got up and headed to breakfast at the American Legion. It was REALLY good. Then Ryan stayed as the American Legion Riders were riding in a 9-11 Memorial Parade in Tombstone this morning. Robert and I headed home for a little while and then off to the church where the Hymn Fest will be. I’m playing in the small ensemble and we had rehearsal at 1130. Except I thought it was at 1100, so we got to the church about 1045 (early so I could get warmed up). Because the choir’s rehearsal went long, we didn’t actually get started until almost 1220. Rehearsal went really well, and it felt really good being able to really play out. The choir is almost 100 voices, and then when you add the congregation in, we’ll be able to play out! There are 2 trumpets, a flute, violin, viola, baritone horn, me on trombone, a drumset, and congas, as well as organ and piano. Robert was very good during the whole THREE hours we were there – we had brought a coloring book and some crayons and a couple of other small toys to play with. I even got compliments after about how well he behaved. Three hours is a really long time for a 5 year old. And because he did such a good job at being quiet and patient, I took him to McDonald’s for lunch when we were done with rehearsal.

Then it was home, and Robert played Wii Fit – he sure loves the running one and must have run several miles in place in the living room. I did one piece of music for tomorrow since last minute changes were made. Then we all went to Target so I could get a 3-ring binder for tomorrow and Robert bought a Lego kit with some of his birthday money. We got a few craft supplies for him and a dry erase calendar/magnet board/cork board for our kitchen. Then we went to Chili’s for dinner. And then home for Robert to get ready for bed. Once he was tucked in, I stitched on Lady of the Flag for not quite 2 hours. I’ll put a current picture of her at the end – I’ve got 231.5 hours into her so far. The end is nearing, and I’m hoping to finish her this year, but we’ll see.

Today’s high: 84
Current: 65

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