This morning it was a usual morning – lunch packed, breakfast made, and we walked Robert to school.  After he was at school, I had a little bit of time for computer stuff before heading to work.  After formation, we had Brass Quintet rehearsal all morning.  I was having a bad day and didn’t really enjoy rehearsal this morning, but it was still a good rehearsal.  I did a little bit of Ops stuff and then that was it for the day.  I headed home and relaxed for a while before going to get Robert fro school – in the rain.  He was happy when he saw that I brought his umbrella for him.  We just left his bike there for the time being.  We walked home and he got to play Wii for a while.  After Ryan got home, we finally got some pictures up on the walls!!!  And our cuckoo clock is up and running and keeping time, but the number of times it cuckoos is 2 less than what the hands say the time is.  I’ll have to ask my favorite clock doctor (hi Dad!) about that.  Then we headed out and went to the Post Office and then to Oktoberfest.  We got dinner there – yay for sauerkraut on my brat!!!! – and listened to the little band for a while.  They had a few craft vendors as well, and we looked at their stuff.  Then it was home to get cleaned up and get Robert to bed.  I did Wii Fit for a little while and that was fun.  Then I stitched.  Time for bed now.

Today’s high:  87
Current:  72


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