EST and My First Ceremony at 5000 feet

I slept in a little this morning – 0600 instead of 0500.  Of course, my "K alarm" still went off at 0520 – she forgot that I wasn’t running this morning.  LOL  But it’s ok.  After getting lunches packed and breakfast made, I headed off to work.  We had formation at 0800.  We were using the Engagement Skills Trainer (EST) today.  We went by team, so MPT E had a while to wait.  I did Ops work while we were waiting and then finally it was our turn to go.  We zeroed and then went through the qualification course twice.  I actually zeroed fairly quickly and qualified both times.  Then since we were the last group and we had a little bit of time still, we got to go through a few scenarios where we got to kill the enemy and stuff.  It was pretty fun.  I went home during lunch as I needed to fix my hair for our ceremony this afternoon.  When I took my helmet off, it pulled my bun out.  After lunch, I headed back to work for the afternoon and did more Ops work until ceremony formation time.  We had a Retirement Ceremony for our Garrison Command Sergeant Major.  It was my first outdoor ceremony here and I’m glad it was a stationary one.  We did march off the field at the end because we needed to clear the field for the Cavalry Charge.  That was really cool.  We have B Troop, which is a ceremonial cavalry unit to honor the Soldiers from the Indian Wars.  They dress in period uniforms and ride horses and then the do a cavalry charge at the end of ceremonies.  We were done for the day after the ceremony, so I headed home.  Then we walked and got Robert from school and Ryan headed out for an evening with his motorcycle friends.  Robert and I had leftover pizza for dinner and then we played for a while before he went to bed.  After he was in bed, I stitched for a little while.

Today’s high:  87
Current:  77

Here are a few videos of Robert.  The first one is his Pirate Treasure Hunt from his birthday.  The other is a new take on the card game Go Fish.


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