A day of rehearsals

This morning I got up and ran 3.65 miles in 43:11.  It was kind of slow (11:49 pace), but this was the first time that I’ve run consecutive days since May.  But it’ll get better over time!  Then it was home to get into Mommy-mode and I got lunches packed and breakfast made.  I had to leave for work a little early this morning as we had a "fire" in Ops to put out before formation.  Of course, I forgot that it only takes about 15 minutes to get to work and I left WAY early.  I could have walked with Robert to school.  So I was at work 1/2 hour early and it only took me 10 minutes to get changed into uniform, so I got an extra 15 minutes of stitching in before we were meeting to "put out" the "fire."  That was kind of nice.  We got the fire down to a simmer and headed to formation.  After formation we had a music rehearsal for tomorrow’s ceremony and then another rehearsal after that.  Then it was almost lunchtime, so I did my Ops e-mails and stuff to finish off the morning.  After I ate my lunch, I stitched for another hour.  We met in the rehearsal hall at 1300 and got on the bus and headed to the Main Post Chapel for a rehearsal for upcoming graduations we’ll be doing.  They have slide shows that they show during the National Anthem and the MI Corps Song, and they wanted to make sure that our music lined up with the slide shows.  We went through the ceremony music about 3 times and then everyone was happy and we were done.  Then it was back to the office to close out the afternoon.  I stopped at the commissary for 2 gallons of milk on my way home, and then home to my guys.  Ryan left to take care of a few things that he needed to do but had to wait until I got home so he could do them (he can’t take Robert on his motorcycle yet).  I got dinner in the oven, and Ryan got back just as it was ready.  So we ate dinner and then we played for a while.  Since I had choir practice tonight AND it was my turn to do Robert’s bedtime, I gave him an option.  He could go to bed early and have me read his story and tuck him in, or he could have Daddy do it at his normal bedtime.  He chose going to bed early.  So I read to him and got him tucked in and then I headed to the church for choir rehearsal.  Rehearsal went well.  Then it was home to crochet for a little bit, and now I’m heading to bed.

Today’s high:  89
Current:  77

One thought on “A day of rehearsals

  1. I think it’s awesome you ran consecutive days! I actually have a pretty hard time doing that because of shin issues, and typically need to alternate run days with other activities. Kudos!

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