Class A Inspection

This morning I got up (thanks in part to my "K-alarm" – a text message from my best friend K at 0520) and went for a 3.05 mile run in 34:06.  It was only an 11:11 pace, but I GOT UP and RAN!!!  Then it was a quick shower and then into Mommy-mode and I got our lunches made and breakfast made.  After we walked Robert to school, I got changed into my Class A uniform and then had a little bit of computer time before heading in to work.  We started having our formations outside today – for a little more space.  And we had a Class A uniform inspection.  1SG mainly wanted to make sure that everyone’s uniforms fit since we’ll be wearing them for some of the graduation ceremonies we’ll be playing at.  After that was done, we could change into ACUs or just stay in Class Bs (As minus the coat).  I opted to stay in Bs and that way my ACUs will be in my locker for tomorrow for when I ride my bike to work.  Then I headed to my office and got to work catching up on e-mails from over the 4-day weekend.  That took all morning.  During lunchtime, I ate and stitched.  After lunch SGT B and I (he’s one of my Ops NCOs) went to meet with a 1SG about a gig that’s coming up.  The meeting could have actually been done over the phone, but whatever.  The 1SG has his warm and fuzzy now.  Then the rest of the afternoon was more Ops.  I probably should have hit the practice room at some point, but I was lazy.  Finally it was time to go home and home I went.  I got dinner (lasagna) in the oven since it takes an hour and 40 minutes to cook (Stouffer’s kind).  Then I relaxed for a while.  Ryan got home from school but had gotten a call that his glasses were in, so he headed out to post to get them and I went and got Robert from school.  Then it was home to play for a while before dinner was ready.  The lasagna was good and I made some garlic bread to go with it.  By the time dinner was cleaned up, it was time for Robert to get cleaned up and head to bed.  Then I crocheted for a little while, and now I’m heading to bed as well.

Today’s high:  82
Current:  71

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