Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day. One of the holidays that I’m not working on! So we had a no-alarm-allowed morning and slept in. I got up about 0830 and Robert was already up and watching cartoons and coloring. I took a nice long shower and then joined in the cartoon watching. I made breakfast for the two of us. After Ryan had been up for a while and did computer stuff, we got the grill to the back porch from the garage and Ryan got it put together. Then we went to Lowe’s and got a few things we needed (pruning shears for my rosebush, and a few other thing) and then to the grocery store to get some burgers and brats and corn on the cob to grill, and baked beans and tater salad and buns and a few other things. Then it was home and Ryan got the grill fired up and cooked us dinner. He even did the bean outside since our grill has two burners as well as the grill part. It’s really nice!! Dinner was awesome except for the potato salad. LOL If you’ve not done corn on the cob on the grill, you need to try it. After dinner, we played for a while and then Robert had a nice long bath before bed. After he was in bed, I got my Class A uniform set up for our inspection tomorrow morning. And then I stitched.

Today’s high: 84
Current: 73

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