Pirate Party Day!!

This morning after being up for a little while, I headed to the grocery store to get a few more things we needed to decorate the cake, along with ice cream and pop.  Then it was home to get Ryan up and he got the cake decorated.  He did an awesome job at the pirate ship cake!!  I got the rest of the stuff ready for the party, and made up one of the pirate hat/eye patch/sword kits.  It was really cute!  Ryan filled the pinata with all the pirate "loot".  I got the call that my Class A jacket was ready, so I headed to the cleaners and picked it up.  Once home, we got ready and got all the party stuff in the van and we headed to the park where we were having the party.  We got the tablecloth on, balloons and happy birthday sign up, and the pinata strung up.  SH showed up and he took pics for us.  He’s one of my coworkers and he’s taking a photography class and was more than happy to help us out.  It was nice having someone there to just take pics, so that Ryan and I could be involved with the kids.  Only one of Robert’s friends showed up, but R is his best friend.  R’s Mom and little brother stayed as well.  We did the pirate crafts while Ryan went to Little Caeser’s for pizza.  Once he got back, we all had pizza.  Then the boys went and played on the playground for a little while before cake and ice cream.  Then we did the pinata – boy did the boys (all 3 of them – we figured that we had way enough stuff, so little brother got to take part in a big boy birthday party) get lots of pirate "loot" – candy and small toys.  Robert opened his present from R and he got a Thomas the Train DVD and another train set for his Thomas train stuff.  Robert gave R and his little brother the little pirate goody bags we had and thanked them for coming.  Mom kept thanking us for inviting them.  I guess R talks about Robert all the time at home.  We got everything cleaned up and headed home.

Once home, we got the rest of the ice cream and pop put away, the Ryan and Robert walked to get the mail and I got the pirate treasure hunt set up.  Gifts and cards that Robert has gotten through the week have been confiscated and I hid them all today, with pirate treasure maps leading from one to the other.  When they got back from getting the mail, Robert’s pirate hat with the first map was in the garage waiting for them.  Robert had a great time following the maps and finding his "treasure".  The last "treasure" was the biggest – an art desk from Uncle Rick!  He got art supplies from Gramma & Grampa and several cards from family members.  Ryan got the desk put together and Robert tried it out right away.  He loves it!!  Then we headed to Walmart and got a little corner shelf thing for our living room, and then to a little carnival in a parking lot in town.  They had wristbands for unlimited rides so we got one of those for Robert.  He had a lot of fun going on the all the kiddie rides and especially going down the big slide.

Then it was home to get a tired Robert into bed, and I’ll be heading that way very soon as well.

Today’s high:  82 (YAY for the weather holding off for Robert’s party!!!!)
Current:  70