TGI Thursday!!

This morning I got lunches packed and breakfast (cereal) made and then I headed to work.  Thursday is my early day with formation at 0800 instead of 0900.  After formation, SFC H, SFC F, 1SG, and Chief and I left to go to an NCO Academy graduation just to observe their ceremonies since we’re going to be starting playing at them.  It was super short – only 15 minutes, so they’ll be super easy gigs for us.  After the ceremony, we headed back to the band hall, only the 2 SFCs, 1SG, and myself ended up at the PX for Starbucks.  (Chief had driven herself.)  1SG treated us to Starbucks and I enjoyed a green tea latte (iced).  It was some good professional development time while we sat at the table and chatted.  Then it was back to the band hall for drill band to get ready for a marching ceremony last week  After drill band we had a release formation, and after a safety briefing, we were done for the weekend!!  Nothing like a 4 1/2 day weekend.  🙂  Thank you, 1SG!  I did have a little bit of loose ends to tie up in my Ops office, so I took care of that before I headed home.

It was kind of a good thing that I was able to go home.  It POURED and Ryan still needed to go back to school for his 2 afternoon classes.  It would have been a really soggy ride on his bike, so he took the van instead.  After the rain stopped, I went for a 2.39 mile run in 25:59.  I probably would have gone farther, but another thunderstorm was rolling in and it was getting super windy and the sky was getting super dark, so I headed home.  Ryan got home about the same time I did – his second afternoon class had been cancelled.  So we relaxed for a while before going to get Robert from after school activities – in the van since it was raining again.  Then we went to Golden Corral for dinner.  After we got home, Ryan headed to the American Legion on his bike for the monthly meeting of the American Legion Riders – a motorcycle group that’s he’s joining.   They do a lot of stuff supporting veterans.  Robert got his toys and everything cleaned up and ready for bed and then we had our bedtime story and tuck-in time.  Then I stitched for a while.  When Ryan got home, he played tennis on the Wii for a while.

Off to bed now. . .

Today’s high:  84
Current:  68

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