Picture Day

This morning it was a usual morning – except I was awake 15 minutes before my alarm went off.  We got Robert ready for school and walked with him as he rode his bike to school.  Then it was home for a bit of computer time before heading to work.  We had a short BQ rehearsal after formation, and then I did some Ops work until 1100 when we had lunch today (1/2 hour early).  After I ate, I stitched.  then we had formation at 1230 and left for a local ghost town (about 20 minutes away), Fairbank, to do unit pictures.  We did a full band picture and then all the small groups.  Once we were done with the pictures, we were done for the day, so I headed home.  I got some crochet exchange stuff ready to mail and then we headed to the post office and mailed them out and then to look for a corner cabinet for our living room for nick-nacks and pictures and stuff.  We didn’t find what we were looking for, although we came close to something that would work at Lowe’s.  But it was out of stock.  Go figure.  We did finally buy a new grill, though, so now Ryan can grill steaks and burgers and stuff again!  Then we took Robert for his birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  We can’t go tomorrow night as Ryan has a VA appointment in Tucson.  Robert got to sit on the saddle, and he got a big Texas Roadhouse "Yeehaw!"  Then it was home to get him to bed and now I’m heading that way as well.

Today’s high:  93
Current:  77

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