Wii are Family!!

This morning I managed to sleep through my alarm (or turn it off in my sleep) and Robert woke me up about 0820 – "Mommy. Mommy?? Are you going to wake up soon?" So I got up and got breakfast (cereal) ready for us. I got Ryan up, too. And then it was time to leave for Sunday School. After the opening of songs and a prayer, the kids went to their classrooms, and us Kindergarten parents went to the music room for our last Entry Into Kindergarten "class". We talked about things Kindergartners are going through right now – emotionally and physically and stuff. It was really nice talking to other parents of Kindergartners and knowing that we’re not alone. Then it was time for church and it was a very good service, and compliments about how well Robert behaves in church. After church, we headed out to post and went to Jeannie’s Diner for lunch and then to the PX. We bought a Wii!!! We also got a second Wii-mote for it. Since we’ll probably be doing a lot of two-player stuff. Then it was off to the commissary for our weekly grocery shopping trip.

And then it was home. Ryan and Robert got the Wii set up while I was getting the groceries put away. Then I unpacked some of my framed cross stitch things so we can start getting them on the walls. We let Robert play Wii for a while and Ryan fixed my cross stitch chart cabinet. It’s one of those furniture-in-a-box ones, and the cardboard-like back came off during the move. It’s going on our claims sheet, but Ryan was able to fix it with some plywood he got at Lowe’s. It’s LOTS sturdier now. While he was working on that, I called Mom & Dad and we talked for quite a while. I unpacked one box of cross stitch charts while on the phone, and Ryan and Robert were playing Wii together. Robert KILLED Ryan in bowling. It was pretty funny to watch! Robert does pretty good on bowling, baseball, tennis, and boxing. He needs to work on golf a little, but he’s still pretty good at it. After I got off the phone with Mom & Dad, I decided to go for a run. It was still in the low 80’s but it felt really nice out. I went 3.15 miles in 33:19. It was a really nice evening run. When I got home, Robert was in the bathtub and I got some laundry done – folded the load of towels that was in the dryer, moved towels from the washer to the dryer and got light clothes in the washer. Yes – I found our towels today finally when I was unpacking boxes!!! Now I don’t have to wash and put back up right away.

Off to bed now. Tomorrow begins another week of work.

Today’s high: 93
Current: 79

2 thoughts on “Wii are Family!!

    • It’s still slow compared to you – and compared to my Iraq running times. I just need to get back into running frequently and my times will improve again. You need to log into Yahoo so we can chat when I’m at work. 🙂

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