Rehearsal in the gazebo

We walked Robert to school this morning and then I had time to do a little bit of computer stuff before heading to work.  After formation, the Brass Quintet loaded up in the van and we headed to a little gazebo on the parade field for our rehearsal.  Our rehearsal space is a teeny-tiny area with ZERO acoustic qualities and it sure was nice to rehearse somewhere where we could actually hear how we sound.  It was a lot of fun, and there’s talk that we may go rehearse there more often.  Then it was back to the office to take care of a few things and then that was it for the day.  I love my half-day Fridays!  I went home and changed into civies and then Ryan and I headed out to Vinny’s Pizza and Wings.  Ryan joined 2 of my coworkers (SH and FV) for the "Wall of Flame" 20 hot wing challenge.  It was 20 wings with their Homicide sauce on it.  All three of the guys managed to complete the challenge and now their picture is on the wall and they all got t-shirts!  I tasted a little tiny bit of the sauce, and HOLY HOT!!!!  I don’t know how they each ate 20 wings.  Of course, we won’t mention the trips to the bathroom they made during the course of eating the wings.  LOL  I left so I could get to the school on time (Ryan was on his bike, so he still had transportation home) and I picked Robert up.  Then we came home and I took a much needed nap.  After I got up we played for a while and then we headed to Jack in the Box for dinner and then to one of the choir members’ homes.  They had a dessert social and the families were invited.  It was a lot of fun and Ryan and I got to talk to and meet more people from church.  I still can’t get over how friendly this church is!!  We stayed for close to 2 hours.  Then we came home and got Robert to bed and I crocheted for a little bit.

Today’s high:  93
Current:  74